December 06, 2018


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Happy Magical Month!! Everyone's super excited, right?! :)
Is December on your special month's list?! Tell me which one is your favourite and which one is that special to you :)

I don't want to sound boring or bored, lool, but something this year is delaying the December's Magic to kick in! Maybe my all emotional situation - baaah life! - maybe I let myself get too exhausted with work that right now I just think about lay down, stop my brain, rest, relax and do nothing... not even partying lol

little advice
never let yourself get to a point where you feel so drained that your brain feels blocked and you desire nothing more, than nothing!
always find time to yourself, to sleep, to rest, to enjoy... we all know life can be really busy with work, but if you wish for it, you will find a way to manage some extra time for you in your super busy day! to spoil you, to pamper, to take care of yourself, mental and physically... 

okay! stopped already, with emotional talk... let's get back to today's look :)

With Autumn's start I found myself obsessed with hearth warm colours and midi skirts (and dresses)! I confess that I don't feel as comfortable as I used to, in my tight jeans, maybe because my body isn't the way it used to be right now, and I'm messing with my measures at the moment lol so, I feel much better when walking in skirts and dresses and I need to say, even being petite, I really love the mid length :) who loves this trend too?

It's cold outside so, we sure need to layer up, specially when you pick a short sleeve satin dress to rock your day :)

With the warmest cardigan, oversized scarf and wool jacket I gladly survived the cold wearing a satin dress and my new leopard print tights! (when you say that you're going to stop adding leopard print to your closet and then you find yourself falling for a new piece, anyone can relate?! lol)

This time, I chose a wool hat - in the place of beloved beret series, that I bought in Milan a few years ago in one of my solo adventures during Fashion Week, I always love to have pieces that tell stories, and this, is one of those!
Can remember exactly the moment I bought it, and how I loved to wear it right after, during the first Autumn Days in Milan, that were still warm for the Autumn Days I'm now used to!

Hope you enjoy this look as much as me :) As you can easily guess, I love this colour combo, toffee, caramel with some black, who's a fan too?!

I was wearing
zara toffee colour wool coat similar here
& other stories oatmeal wool cardigan here
mango black satin midi dress here
hat similar one . here
m&s animal print scarf . here
calzedonia leopard print tights . similar here
zara lace-up black leather boots . similar here
furla mini bucket bag here
gucci black leather belt here
dw watch . here

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Have a FANTASTIC and MAGICAL December!! Stay warm and HAPPY :)

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