October 15, 2018


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How was that weekend?! I'm going to pass the part when I complain about being too tired cause I'm not taking enough off days since the last days of August... and, I'm going to embrace the new week like I'm full of energy and ready to rock all the new challenges :) Hope you're ready for it too!!

Autumn Days are starting to feel more and more real around Dublin (read cold lol) so, the knit days are back and this is my first knit look of the season!! Sure, had to start it with a super cool sweater like this one :)
How cool are the eyelets and ring details in it, aaah just love it! specially the little metal sounds they make when walking!!

yes, I'm crazy like that, that's why I love the sound of the bangles too - during College time, I used to put them on, even when I was closed home studying, just to hear the metal clicking while writing - here's another silly secret revealed lol

Although I promised myself I was not going to dive into black looks again during the cold seasons, like the last years, once I put a skirt with some tights on, I always go for black! needed to brighten up the look so, this cable knit sweater came just perfect... now that I'm thinking about it, maybe it was the other way around! I wanted to wear this sweater, but not with trousers or jeans and ended up stuck in black tights and black skirt :P but, it's true that I always end choosing the black for tights so, it turns every look much more dark than I wished to - how I wish I could go bared legs with no problem! I LOVE seeing bared legs + skirts + boots!! one of my favourite Autumn look combos!!

Well, grey with black is always a winner and I really liked how it looked in the end! Sure, forever holding on my classy details - the waist belt, the mini bag and the beret paired with some golden accessories!! Believe me, they can be little but they do a big difference in every look!

Hope you enjoyed how I pulled off this new Autumn Outfit, this time with the first knit look of the season!
Who's into knit already?! I know that a lot of you are still enjoying Summer bits but I'm sure I'm not the only one walking in Autumn already, right?! :)

I was wearing
zara eyelets cable-knit sweater similar here
zara leather look black mini skirt similar here
zara high heel black boots . similar here
furla metropolis mini bag here
zara grey beret similar here
gucci black leather belt here
dw watch . here

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GO have an amazing day! an amazing new WEEK!! wishing you all the BEST :)

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