September 22, 2018


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How are you?!
This week has been mental, even the weather went nuts! We had Storm Ali visiting Dublin and was really crazy (from crazy read dangerous) walking outside I was literally blown away!! Dublin is always very windy - like this day we went for some photos close to the Liffey River, a little wind would make your clothes and hair look cool in the pictures but, too much wind will just make you look silly, well at least we had fun trying until finding a spot less windy :) - but last wednesday, with the storm, was dangerous walking outside and, as I didn't checked the news before coming out, I wore a skirt and bared legs so, as you can imagine, I needed to walk holding the skirt for all time, definitely not dressed for the weather  lol 

How come, I always promise not to talk about the weather and I always end up starting or finishing our chat talking about it! Seems that since I live here in Ireland, the weather is really an issue for me, and I still need to learn to get over it...
Haven't I nothing more important to write than "weather"?! lol
Weather issues apart... do you remember this last post here? where I was wearing animal print on check print? So I did it again, and I liked it :)
This time instead of a skirt, a pleated midi skirt - the length and the print that will be all over this Fall, long length and print skirts or dresses, I'm loving them! Who's getting addicted too?
After having this little gucci belt for months, I'm finally enjoying using it, loving better to see it on dresses and skirts than on my jeans, and it's very handy to hold a skirt that went loose a week after you buying it (IBD struggles, and well can't blame all on IBD, the stress and depression I've been fighting these past years are definitely the ones to blame, having the worst impact on me!) and, to mark your waist if you too petite, so it will mark your silhouette allowing you to look a little bit taller or less short :) if you're not petite and don't have the problem to look like someone hit you in the head with an hammer shrinking you, wearing a belt marking your waist will always add "elegant" to your look :)
How many belt lovers on that side?

So, here I am, wearing the same blouse than here, this time with the bow tie, tied :), the black leather biker jacket that I'm wearing non-stop lately, paired with super old leopard print boots - from 4 years ago, one of shoes I was able to get sent to Dublin after I moved from Portugal, as the most part of my shoes were heels (read high heels) and they were just not walkable on my rainy walking days in Dublin!
Seems that getting back to write you here on the blog is bringing back some memories, how I struggled with wearing and shoes first I moved to Dublin... how I lost my "wear identity", my style went completely nuts until "loosing" my own style and way of dressing, for 2 years I just picked something wearable with a tiny bit on me in it, wore jeans for 99,99% of the time and heels were not a thing... I lost the interest of wearing and creating looks, cause I use to say "being petite and tiny with so many things you would love to wear but your body won't fit, you really need to get over creative to be able to let your style personality intact with so many obstacles!"

yes, this is a thing, the clothes you wear are important, they have power on what you feel, in your confidence and joy! it doesn't matter if your style would be just a tank top with a bikini under and bared feet, jeans and white t-shirt with trainers, stiletto and pencil skirts or lace and tulle all over you... what really matters is that the over skin you wear could make you feel comfortable and happy to live and enjoy your day and not something you carry "just because"! the clothes have the purpose to protect you from the cold or hot, protect your skin too... but, it has now the purpose to make you feel more you :) who's with me?

Slowly I'm rescuing my style back but sure, I'm not the same person I was before I  moved to Dublin, I would say I'm very very different in everything, for better or worst, every experience will change you, the more extreme bigger the impact! So, when I look back on my style, 90% I don't relate anymore, less the heels that even not being able to wear as often now, I still LOVE them :)

I really hope you enjoy this fall prints mix as much as I did, stay tuned cause more trendy looks will be coming :) 

I was wearing
mango black leather biker jacket similar here
& other stories animal print blouse . here
& other stories pleated plaid midi skirt . here
zara animal print ankle boots similar here
furla black bucket bag here
gucci black leather belt . here
chupi "we are all made of stars" gemini necklace . here
dw watch . here

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Stay focus on what makes you feel good or lead you to good feeling vibes, hold on that and enjoy its MAGIC!! 

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