September 24, 2018


with new black classic pumps by overcube . here 
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All good on that side?
How was the weekend? Good and Sweet I hope :)
Now it's time to get ready to rock the new week, right? Ready, set and let's go!

Who remembers this post here, when I got a new pair of white trainers from OVERCUBE and told you about my wish of getting a new pair of heels from their new collection? Turns out, the wish came true and here I am, with my new pair of pumps from Overcube, classic black ones - that you can find here!
So excited to welcome Autumn with a new pair of shoes, new heeled shoes, yay! :)

DARE TO BE YOU, is the message behind Overcube new AW18 collection, and I love it! How powerful and strong is it? 
Although it shouldn't be hard, being yourself, sometimes it needs some braveness to accept who you are and embrace it happily. I think that now, more than ever, with all the social media invading our days, since the moment we wake up until good night time, it's even more difficult staying away from comparing and judge yourself with others beauty or lifestyle!

Look inside yourself and embrace your braveness, Dare to be you! Dare to do what you like, walk the way you love, even when everyone is going the other way! Don't let no one tell you how you should be, what you should dress, what to like or what you should do to be accepted! 
sadly, that judgy "someone" turns to be you most of the time! forcing yourself to be someone you think that could be more "social" accepted or to behave how others want you to! forget about it, forget about others way of being! learn to love yourself the way you are, it's so much more interesting being you and more enjoyable! believe in yourself, DARE TO BE YOU!
Go for that hidden dream, go for that so long desired trip, adventure... dare to do what you love! 
When it comes to style, dare to dress the way you love, the way that makes you feel more YOU!

I'm daring to get back my "style identity", step by step I will get there, already walking with heels again so, it's a good start :)

Back to today's look, I decided for a casual one on the first ride of these shoes! Putting together another big trend for this Fall, blazer and corduroy, all in one piece! How easy to put together is this look, and how I loved its result! Blazer, jeans and classic pumps I would say it's a winner combo, right?! It will do good for a work meeting as for coffee with friends, who's with me?!

Now, a little story about the behind the scenes of these photos! If you look closer you can see how crazy (again!) the weather was that day - the sun shining warm and good, then light rain that turned into heavy rain with the strong wind and then, sun again! If you look closer, you can see the rain drops in most of the photos and then, the pavement wet even with the sun shining, believe me, getting some outfit photos here in Dublin, is always an adventure, not an easy or warm one lol

What matters is, that in the end, we got some nice shots to share with you! Hope you enjoy them as much as me!

I was wearing
overcube perlato black classic pumps . here

zara double breasted corduroy blazer similar here
intimissimi black bodysuit . similar here
topshop blue black jamie jeans . here
benetton black beret . similar here
furla black bucket bag here
gucci black leather belt here
dw watch . here

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HAPPY Monday, go embrace yourself! DARE TO BE HAPPY about yourself, DARE to love yourself, DARE to be more YOU! and ENJOY it!!

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