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August 27, 2018


with new trainers by overcube . here 
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Morning Monday,
all set and ready for the new week?! Hoping this, to be a sunny one :)

After ending my Porto Summer Diaries - here, here and here, I'm back to Dublin streets and the crazy weather, when in only one day you have sun, freezing wind, heavy rain, drizzle and sun again! You can imagine how crazy it can be to get a picture in this weather! By these photos you can tell that we started with lovely sun, then it got too windy and chilly and then we needed to run to hide from the heavy rain lol we never know how it's going to be in here! When we go for shooting it's like playing the lottery, we might have luck with "no rain" or not! But what matters is we always try to have fun with it :P

So, today I'm back with a new pair of trainers! White Trainers! For me, they go with everything, from Summer to Winter I love to see them in every season, who's a lover too?

I got these one from OVERCUBE - here, pretty, cool and comfortable, and they're now on sale!!! how amazing, right?! if you like them too, you can get yours HERE!
Overcube gives us a lovely selection of shoes and accessories, from different brands for different styles... I was stuck between a pair of heeled sandals and these white trainers, guess the cool and comfortable won, maybe next time I'll get the heels!
Next week they will be launching the new season collection, I will definitely be tuned to see what's coming maybe looking for heels this time :) stay tuned on for their new season!

With a look that started with the shoes, I adventured myself into bold colours, in a red floral mid-skirt, a bold coloured mini-bag paired with the must-have white t-shirt! Adventured in wearing a skirt and this long, sometimes being too petite takes away from me the will of walking on pieces that I love but I think that won't suit me!

well, lately I think I lot of things don't suit me and it's a struggle to get dressed when  90% of my closet doesn't suit me... either because of my size now or because it's not even my style anymore :/
It has been more than 3 years since I've moved to Dublin but I'm still finding a way to settle and my closet was completely ruined with the move and with it, my style! I'm still figuring out a way to get back to the days when I walked out feeling that the way I was dressed translated my style! Well, when the warm days came, now and then, I managed some loved style days, even in Dublin, let's see how I handle the cold days that are coming!

Back to the look, the bold colours and white trainers, I did it and, even being this bold, loved the way it came out, what do think about this combo?
Stay tuned cause I will come back with a new bold and bright combo soon :)

I was wearing
overcube softinos isla leather white trainers here (sale alert!!)

hm "le cinéma" white t-shirt . other cute white t-shirt here
zara floral print rusty mid skirt . similar here
furla metropolis mini bag . here
dw watch here

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Now, go have an AMAZING new week!! remember you deserve the BEST, go follow your dreams and be HAPPY!!
let's stay in touch!
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this post was made in partnership with OVERCUBE

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