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June 07, 2018


with beach holidays in Croatia

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HELLO, how are you?! Hope you're doing super and having an amazing June so far!
This day, last week, I was arriving land from my boat trip around the beautiful Medulin Archipelago.
Went a week away, for my first time in Croatia to spend my birthday... fell for the turquoise waters and the amazing weather.
Many of you asked me by message or comments on my instagram @styletraces, here - how was Croatia, what was I thinking about it, and the places I should visit while there :) the thing is, I only met a tiny piece of Croatia, for my first summer week away after a looong year, I stayed at the same place, preferred spending the days close to the sea then driving around, only met the closest town to Medulin, Pula, and it was lovely.
Back to the sea and the boat trip - still dreaming about the moment - we were taken to dive into the turquoise ocean where you could see the shining fish swimming right next to you, even without goggles or diving... I’m not a good swimmer - not at all, the ones who know me would probably drop a big lol at this, but I do love to dive and swim, adventure myself with what scares me, as the unknown hidden in the deep ocean, dive into the water and find beautiful caves on the other side... like we did during the boat trip! Loved that trip, seeing the sea and in so many different shades, can’t wait for more summer experiences like this :)
There's loads of excursions offers while you walk Medulin Riviera evenings or just beside the beach, we picked one that led us for five hours in the sea with lunch (you could choose from meat, fish and vegetarian meals - I chose the fish and it was amazing! for me eating experiences terrify me sometimes, cause I can't risk being sick away from home, or land like this time) and get to know the underwater caves and the sandy beach at the Levan Island - at this lovely place, the water is just incredible, seems unreal the turquoise shades! it's known for weddings too, on that day, it was a wedding day and the island was beautifully decorated, white wood, blue candles and pink flowers... imagine the bride arriving by boat... dreamy! If one day, I'll be able to do a wedding party, it will definitely be by the beach, close to the sea and nature, where I'm the happiest... already picturing myself going in the water, in my white dress floating around... dreaming!
Back to reality, we spend 5 hours boating, with lunch and drinks and the price was so good, 25 euros per person!! something you pay just to eat fresh fish, right?! If you visit I sure recommend the boat trip, loved it!

I was wearing
calzedonia ella bikini top . here
calzedonia ella bikini bottom . here
croatian local shop straw hat . similar here
chicwish white tunic . here
gucci sunglasses . here

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in Levan Island
The bikini girl here, only packed 2 bikinis - you can check them on my instagram feed too, here! One I bought as my own birthday present and this one from Calzedonia my mom sent me from Portugal, in April with the wish I would be able to use it soon, and it worked! I really love the frills, the pink with the tropical leafs... love it so much thinking about the swimsuit version too (this here).
in Levan Island
If you know Croatia, please let me know which are your favourite places, or where you would love to go? The places you think we should not miss when visiting Croatia! Comment below and let me know - or email me, send me a message on instagram @styletraceshere - would love to know your tips and thoughts :)

Have a lovely end of the week!! SMILE, have FUN and ENJOY!! 
in Levan Island

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