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May 17, 2018


with breakfast favourites and some beauty essentials

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How are you?!
It's been a while since the last post, sometimes I can't keep the pace I wish to but, what matters now,  is I'm back :)

May is my favourite, I probably told you that a million times lol, it's my month and it always marks a new challenge for me! It's the beginning of a new year for me, my year!

May is the Mental Health Awareness Month too and this year I can feel it more than ever.
After struggling with different matters in my life, some of them you probably hear me talking about it more than I wished to... feeling sick, tired of being sick, feeling wrecked and low energy all the time... I've the Crohn's Disease but since I moved to Dublin I've been struggling with it in ways I never felt before. I will not long this much, cause today I'm not here to share the dark I was in but the light I'm walking into!

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One thing that I've learned is that "It's Okay not to be Okay!" and sometimes the hardest step is to accept that!
Next step is to look for help and accept to be helped. At least for 1 year I was not okay and I kept going until accepted that I needed to do something to move up instead of be digging into the dark.

I'm not a fan of pills or medication, I'm not a radical either, I take the strictly necessary for my disease and then, with everything else, I try to heal with the power we have inside ourselves, mind and soul.
There is no point for me to blur a reality that would always be there, it always made more sense to learn to accept that reality, find the good in it, and be happy about it! 
I've just started my journey, after many attempts over the years, I feel that I finally found the right path. It has been ups and downs but I confess that I can see a light that was fainted for years! 

If you're struggling with something similar, look inside you, don't blame yourself for feeling that way, it's normal and it's okay! and blaming will not make it better. If possible try to look for help, find someone that would guide you through your self care, and rising journey.

There's so much more to share and to let know about this theme, about Mental Health, about my experience or others. If you have anything you want to share please feel free to do it, if there's anything you want to ask, you know you're more than welcome!
And, if you want me to share a post with more details about Mental Health Awareness please let me know, email me, or comment below - or even message me on instagram - @styletracesHERE.

Back to celebrating Friday's eve, what about some beauty spread and breakfast favourites, Pancakes and oat bowls!!
Do you remember this post here? So these Gluten Free Pancakes are slightly different but delicious the same, here's the recipe for these ones:

2 eggs, to separate egg + yolk
1 banana, to mesh
180ml almond milk unsweetned
100g self raising GF flour
1tbsp coconut oil, melted

whisk the egg white
mix the egg yolk with the milk, the oil and then with the meshed banana
pour the liquid mix into the flour and mix until even
pour the whisked egg whites and blend all together
when the mix is completely even it’s ready to cook!!

pour the mix into a non-stick fry pan and let it cook until you see bubbles forming on the top then, it’s ready to flip! ~ 2min let it cook both sides and repeat until the mix it’s all gone!

Choose your favourite toppings, for these I chose:
blueberries, my beloved blueberries
cacao nibs
coconut yogurt

Who's a Pancakes Lover too? Share which ones are your favourites? Chocolate in and out, banana, vegan, berries all over, let me know, I'm curious :)

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'Til my next post, be sure to have a delicious day, an amazing weekend, SMILE more and be HAPPY!

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