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December 10, 2017


with sweet pancakes stack

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for the gluten free pancakes recipe
first let's start with "Sweet December" wishes to you all! Hope you're having a lovely month so far.
Now I'm ready to move on to what brought me here today, sharing with you this "GLUTEN FREE PANCAKES" recipe :)

Last week I've shared on my instagram stories - HERE, my pancakes sunday stack and did a poll asking who wanted the recipe! 89% said YES so here I am today sharing the mix for my gluten free pancakes version.

I LOVE pancakes but not all the mixes go well with my tummy - as I've the Crohn's Disease and IBS so, when I saw Bella, from - HERE, sharing another one of her amazing GLUTEN FREE RECIPES with PANCAKES I needed to try them at home.
I did some changes, using what I had with me, you can do your version too. Cooking always reminds me my lab time during college, when I thought I was going to grow into a rocket scientist lol that's why I always enjoy to try new recipes, make some changes and see how it turns out in the end! 
Here's the RECIPE for these ones:
( you can see Bella's recipe HERE too

prep time 10min
cook time 15min
total time 25-30min (this is what it took me, with 2 frying pans, the size of the pancakes, for 6-7 pancakes)

200 ml of dark chocolate almond milk // 1 cup
1 large egg - separate in 2 bowls, for the yolk and egg white
190g self raising gluten free flour // 1,5 cup
20-40g cacao nibs // 1 table spoon
coconut oil to fry 

mix the egg yolk with the 200ml of milk
add the flour to the mix
after having the mix even add the egg white previous whisked 
add some cacao nibs to the mix, I only add a few, 20 to 40g and mix them
now your mix is ready for the frying pan (use a non-stick one)

Pour the mix into the frying pan pre-heated with, just a little of, coconut oil
wait until the edges start looking darker brown and you see some air holes forming on the top, to carefully flip them

you will be needing to have around:
non-stick frying pan (I use 2 little ones)
big bowl to the mix
a kitchen scaler or cup measures

I always love to add berries, strawberries and blueberries!
you can try with the toppings you love and you can have, for these I tried the SUGAR FREE "sweet like sugar" good good brand maple syrup too and more cacao nibs.

If you need some help comment below!

Now, it's time to eat them!
in the picture:
cutipol cutlery // rybelo jewelery (here) // daniel wellington watch // house doctor plate & bowl
click through images below to SHOP them

Wishing you a delicious day!!
Desejo-vos um dia delicioso!!

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