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September 22, 2017


"Kiss me Quick!" cause I'm off to Milan
w/ emu australia black boots and sisley paris beauty twisters

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We are allowed to celebrate!! The weekend is here!!
What are you planing for the weekend? Thinking about travel or stay in? Let me know, love to know what is happening on that side too :)
Even being travelling I wanted to share with you my new EMU AUSTRALIA Ellin Black Boots! Comfortable, water and winter proof and stylish!! I'm so happy with them cause they are perfect for those days we need to walk loads or we are just too tired to get up in those heels, these boots help me to feel stylish even when I need to be all hide in clothes for the Dublin raining wintery days! As the time goes by EMU AUSTRALIA is becoming one of my favourites comfortable shoe brand, how I've noticed that? when I look into my wishlist and I see EMU AUSTRALIA shoes more than once 😄
As new things love to come together, I'm loving my new phyto - blush twist, the papaya 03 and the glow 04, from SISLEY PARIS, well I know that by now you already know that I'm a big fan of SISLEY PARIS products from make up to skin care, I think they are so perfect for my skin! When you start trying them you just can't stop wanting to ad more and more to your collection. As they make my skin feel happy, look brighter helping me to feel more confident about myself, beautiful!

Who's on that side that loves SISLEY PARIS too? hands up 🙋
emu australia ellin boots HERE // loving these ones too here
sisley paris phyto lip twist HERE
sisley paris phyto blush twist papaya and glow HERE
daniel wellington classic petite ashfield HERE

furla metropolis onix bag . HERE
calzedonia pearl fishnet ankle socks . similar HERE
gucci card wallet . HERE

Now I'm off to Milan, to have a little taste of the Fashion Week, I say little cause I can’t be rushing too much, crazy running around, my body at this moment tells me not to and after what I’ve been through I’m learning to handle it the best way - if you’re wondering why, read this post HERE.
Happy the same to be able to breathe part of the Fashion Week and to be in Milan once again during this time! Although some people think that Fashion Weeks are not worth to be in for all the mess comparing to what you can get, I confess I love to visit the cities during this time!
we already know that the big ones, New York, London, Milan and Paris are known for their stylish people, during fashion week they become the stage of stylish people from all over the world setting trends worldwide. So, enjoying this magic, every time I get the chance to be at one, I pack my things and join another Fashion Week adventure 

Tell me, what do you think about fashion weeks? do you love the magic from it, the shows, from the front row to the backstage, being outside, be a photographer or a walker? curious to know it!
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Have a SUPER Friday!! ENJOY be HAPPY and KISS a lot :)

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