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July 24, 2017


After 7 weeks away, I'm back!!
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I'm back!! I can say that I'm back after 7 weeks away from blogging or social media! Never thought that it could last this much, specially after being 7 years always in touch with social media and blogging. So, are you ready to know the why? Cause I'm ready to tell you :) 
By now, you probably know already that I've a illness that for the last 3 years started to take advantage of me and specially since last year, started taking my strength, my smile and life... giving me hard pain, tiredness and weakness on body and mind! I always fought - and always will - to win these breakdowns, but the illness got stronger and suddenly I didn't recognised myself in the mirror anymore, the colourful smile I always had was turning into grey! That's when I figured out that I was not able to work like that and was not able to share what I loved so much, was time to stop - not just slow down but stop! I thought that a week off would be enough to get the strength again... but I was so wrong!
Well, I need to tell you that the first week off from Instagram seemed to me like YEARS!! Instagram is one of my favourite apps as I love moments kept into photos, creative sets or cheerful thoughts translated in a single picture. But, I got worst, and the first 2 to 3 weeks I was struggling to keep it together and get up to life.

Slowly I started to become more active but still couldn't do much, baby steps... starting to try to go out, go for a walk, go for a read in one of my favourites "coffee spots" in town - cause, although I don't drink coffee, I'm a matcha lover!
And that was it, after 1 month my brain started to feel better and willing to be back... but my body, oh my body! The tiredness, the lack of energy... Do you believe that I feel miserable after only 4 hours active!! yes, you read it well, four hours and I'm wrecked! I still feel tired but when I look back, 1 week, 2 weeks or a month ago... oh!! I'm so much better! I'm far from being well but I'm so much better that it allows me to feel happy! Celebrate small achievements - another thing I learned on this journey.
Once I was told "if you don't stop when your body asks you to, it will stop for you!" and, that's what happened with me, but this time I was not able to "go slow" I was just not able to move at all so, if you're in a stage that you feel that your body is telling you to stop, take a rest, get some self time... do it, cause ignoring it will lead you to a really less good stage. Once you realize it, you will be happy to avoid it :)

I'm still living one day at time, each better day as a conquer and slowly moving forward... it gets hard sometimes, yes it's true! But I always try to smile through it, so I can find some strength to make it easier! We should all find a way to smile to the "less good things" in our life so we can figure out the best way to easy them!
Well, about being away from social media for 7 weeks, there are some "funny" things about it! Some that can happen when you're away from social media channels for such a long time! Some "friends" might disappear from your radar and forget about you as you are not posting to remember them you exist or you are worth it at all lool
yeah! for me this is just a big laugh, cause sadly people forgot about the meaning of the word "friends" and some of them can go against you because you disappear from their feed or give them the "likes" instead of thinking that maybe you need some time, some help or just a nice shoulder to have beside and give you strength... baaah! we all know how this works, it's sad I know, but I think that from being so ridiculous it makes me laugh how it just happens so naturally these days... maybe I'm too old school and I still like to have friends beside social media, beside the likes and followings... maybe I'm that old, I guess :P 

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oh my! this was a really BIG post, glad you're still there, reading me :) It was definitely a long time away from writing to you - 2 months is way too much! If I let it, I would have wrote even more lol but I think you already had too much for one post :) just wanted to share with you what has been going on this side, you were always so sweet that I couldn't let you without an update!

Did any of you had experienced something similar to this? Let me know how you feel about it, if there's some help you are using or needing?
Let me know and, if by sharing my experience I can help with yours, then I would be really happy!!

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Above all, always remember to feel HAPPY!!



  1. Gostei de ler o desabafo e principalmente por estar no bom caminho de recuperação... Gostei do sorriso. É sempre bonito ver um sorriso alegre e espontaneo como este. Uma leitora

    1. Muito Obrigada pela força Ana.
      Joana :)

  2. Querida Joana, fico feliz com a tua recuperação, passo a passo esse sorriso está de volta. Serás sempre mais forte do que alguma coisa negativa que te tente derrubar! Um beijinho

    1. Oh Inês, sempre com palavras tão queridas :) OBRIGADA por toda a força e carinho assim é fácil seguir em frente <3 beijinho muito grande com tudo de bom para ti :)


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