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May 23, 2017



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Hey Tuesday!
Sometimes it just insists to be a "tough Tuesday, made of tough thoughts"!
Maybe it's because it's May and it is so related to my emotions, to our mind, body and soul, maybe it's because it's my beloved month or just because it marks the arrival of the halfway year and gets me thinking about this and that...and, somehow lately my emotions have been up and down!
Well today I think that we all got that punch in the heart again about the news of Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester, and that's when I think: "how can that be possible?! how can we go against ourselves like this?!" Definitely we really need to do something to start healing this world... and, although we can not make big moves, go on and change this kind of hard world news right now, we do can start with the small things! Be kind to the people seated next to us, in the office, in the commute to work, in the bus station or in a store queue... when we stopped to smile at people we crossed in the streets, when we started to be "mean for free" and enjoy it was when being mean started to win over kindness!
Bullying, women against women, men agains women... and people pretending to be what they're not leading to deception and broken hearts! When did the world started to be so selfish, so friend pretendly, so mean that I didn't realised it...
Once I believed that people could be trusted, love and loved... now I really don't know if they can love themselves with so much they have against those surrounding them... let those bad feelings apart, wash your skin from those bad thoughts and reborn to a better you, learn how to love and be kind again, step by step this world needs to be saved! 
I'm thankful to have met pure and kind people, to have friends for life, sad to see some friends gone and others breaking my heart! I know we all get stronger with all these wounds, but by now, I'm all stitched up and I really don't care about more hard lessons! Right now I'm going to collect all the good moments, all the good lessons all the good people and good thoughts in mind, and take care of myself because believe me, mean thoughts, mean people can really damage your light, your health, your life... don't let it! HUG the ones you LOVE, the ones who make you feel LOVED, grab those moments close, go for a walk, go for a chat with someone that makes you laugh and boost your mood - it doesn't need to be a friend or even a well known person, I use to say that sometimes I'm happier sharing moments with strangers cause it's like opening a book full of blank pages waiting to be written - release the stress, get yourself away from what makes you uncomfortable... be strong and believe, there's still a way to happiness!
Sorry for the long thoughts sharing, but sometimes this world really messes with my mind and we really need to realize that together we really can make a difference, we just need to BELIEVE! 

So, this Tuesday evening I'm sharing with you one of my happy faces from the magic sunny & bright Dublin in my furry sliders look along my favourite "open back top" trends, hope you enjoy it :)

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Outfit Of The Day
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WATCH daniel wellington "classic petite" HERE
golden twig BANGLE "I can be your strength" by chupi . HERE
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No matter what, believe in your inner light!! Stay Strong and keep believing!!
Sejam fortes e continuem em frente, acreditem no vosso brilho, na vossa luz por mais escondida que pareça estar!! 

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