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May 19, 2017


from golden blush series

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How are you keeping? How's your week going? FRIDAY is here so let's say YAY!!
Well, when the week started it seemed to go so, so slow for me... I was feeling tired and pushing myself to do it right, forcing myself to keep moving forward, tired all the time, lack of sleep, seeing the end of the week so, so far... and, somehow Thursday arrived maybe that kind of friday's eve feeling hit me and, even seeing the rain pouring I was laughing and in a good mood!!
Seems that pushing ourselves to move, to do it right, to believe, without noticing has some good impact on us! That's why, although it's the end of the week and I feel a little wrecked, I feel better and my smile is coming back slowly... well, for the ones that follow my INSTA STORIES on instagram - here, and snapchat - here, probably know that getting back to my happy place - working out my flesh, bone and soul is doing pretty amazing things on me as getting back - sloooooowly - my unbreakable positivity! So, go for me, even if you feel that it will make no difference, push yourselves to move, to believe, to keep going, cause it will do magic and in a blink you will be feeling better and stronger to chase what you want so much!
It's Friday and it's May, so more than one reason to celebrate here's some cute golden and blush favourites :)


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Believe, and be HAPPY!!
Acreditem, e sejam FELIZES!!

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