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December 09, 2016


to the big opening
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09.12.16 12pm
Dublin welcomes & other stories . HERE

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Happy Friday!!
Today I'm delivering the journal, coming with the big news in town!! & others stories opens today, December 9th, 12pm, in Dublin their very first store in Ireland at 26-27 Grafton Street. How cool is this?! As a fan of the brand I couldn't be more happier to have this store open in one of the most beautiful shopping streets in the heart of Dublin, I will be stopping by every time I walk there.
Yesterday's evening was the pre opening, I was there and I need to say that it's S U P E R!! you are going to love it, definitely - if you check my INSTA STORIES - here and my SNAPCHAT - here, you will find some of the moments from yesterday's lovely welcome party from Dublin to & OTHER STORIES.
photo thanks to
big surprise of today's opening is that the first 50 costumers will get a special gift 
how amazing is this?! GO AHEAD, run for yours and then tell me what did you get :)

iphone 6s plus photo from yesterday's night . see more HERE 

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Have a super special Friday and an amazing weekend!!
Tenham uma Sexta Feira super especial e um fim-de-semana fantástico!!

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  1. Looks like an awesome store!
    We got one in Antwerp too, and I love it

    Polished Cats


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