February 28, 2019


with beauty and my beauty corner at home

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Hope you’re having a lovely week, all good since the last time we talked?! :)

Today I’m remembering my old days of blogging when every Thursday I would be sharing a new beauty post, I used to call them “Beauty Thursdays” and use to share all the new products, new favourites from make-up to skincare and even shared some own beauty tips!

Is it something you would love to see more around here?! More beauty posts?! Would love to know your thoughts about this, and be able to share something you’ll enjoy :)

Today I’m bringing you my beauty corner, my little beauty display, sometimes a little messier than others but always showing favourites!

It’s a little spot in the house that makes me feel “home” and makes me love to stare at!

While I don’t have my own house, with my own furniture, I’m trying my best to pretty up each little corner! Small things that make me feel home... and I really love to use beauty products as decoration, make-up, skincare and jewellery!

From time to time I like to change it, but always trying to make it pretty and practical at the same time! Is one of the first things I see in the morning, that “hello” me and give me the “good morning” so it really needs to be smiling at me :) ready to boost up my mood...


here's some mood boosters I love to use:

- fresh flowers
- lovely messages and cute words
- favourite products in sight
- smooth and bright colours
- something shining and sparkling to wake up the bright inside me :)

I’m not a person of many brands, or to go and try all the new products launched in the market, is just the way I am, sometimes I allow myself to try a few new ones and with that find some new favourites.

If you follow me for a while you know that I’ve been using and loving Sisley Paris for years, that’s why you can find a few Sisley products in here :)

Already have welcomed a few new favourites the past couple of years, and right now these are the beauty brands ones on my shelf! Do you spot some of your favourites too?!

Sisley Paris - for skincare and make up (HERE)

Skin Ceuticals - skincare

Trilogy - skincare

Roja Parfums - home scents and perfumes

click the images below to shop my beauty favourites

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as loved to share it :)

saying "bye!bye!" to February and getting ready to say "hello" to March!!
let's make this new month and AMAZING one

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This post was made with some products gifted by Sisley Paris and Roja Parfums
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