February 25, 2019


with new hues and sweet stripes 

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Happy New Week!! Who's excited?! I feel excited :) after so many months feeling sick and ill, this new year is starting NOW for me!! and this is going to be a GOOD YEAR, right?! 

Do you usually do a "goals list" for the new year?! do you write them down?! I usually do, at least in my mind but, this time, I'm doing it simple with no pressure, believing that this year, my goals will be achieved and it's going to be the happiest and healthiest until now! Who's with me?! :)

"Believe and everything you wish for, will come to you!"

Now, that I'm feeling good again, able to do a normal routine, I'm back to walking the streets and to do some shots while I'm strolling around. Hope you enjoy this one :)

The sun was lazy this day, not very cold - it really seems that Spring is less than a month away, but it actually rained while we were shooting this, it was light rain so, it was still okay lol :)
On darker days I always love to go with brighter colours to balance the mood! Picked my new lace-up white boots (how cute are they!! these ones are from Zara but you can find a similar ones here) and the new candy stripes jumper with blue hues!

I would say that back 4 years ago, you would see me wearing blue head to toes, jeans on jeans all the time, loved the feeling of wearing cold colours and the blue was one of my favourites! after that I got into a very dark era of colours where grey would be the lightest colour to wear! for 2 years or so, I only had 3 colours to wear - black, white and grey!

But, this past summer, I found myself looking for bright colours and since then I've been picking brighter colours, not bold but bright and light as beige, nudes, earth tones... and for this Fall/Winter tan hues were definitely my colours!

When I think about the warm weather, Spring/Summer, and all the sunshine and blue skies, I always find myself thinking about welcoming blue to my wardrobe again... feeling that I've already told you this last Summer :) 

So, this Story of Blues to tell you that, when I saw this jumper, with brownie stripes on baby blue I couldn't resist!! it's perfect for these days before Spring - or even Spring in Ireland - where you can go with this jumper and a lighter jacket because it is very warm! I would say for mild Portuguese weather you could go out having this jumper as the last layer and no jacket on!

I was missing my midi skirts, and loved to pair the new jumper with this brownish one! and berets, love them! easy to notice right?! Hope you enjoy this look as much as I did!

I was wearing
& other stories stripes blue jumper . here
zara brown pleated midi skirt . similar here
zara white lace-up boots . similar here
& other stories blue wool beret . here
gucci black leather belt here
furla metropolis bag similar here
dw watch . here

What do you think about this look, would you wear it?!

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Wishing you the most AMAZING week!! 
remember to SMILE and have FUN along the way :)

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