December 13, 2018


with brownie and white

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How are you?! 
hope you're keeping good since the last time I was here :)
looking back to my last post here, easy to figure out I've been wearing brown shades a loooot and the same jacket oh my! it's so easy to pick it, it's so warm and seems to go so well with every look... because of its shade, because of its shape! it's very cute, don't you think?!

you know, it's not that easy to find a coat, specially a winter coat when you're too petite... so many favourite coats I would love to warm me up during winter days that just don't fit lol

and this one is so good to wear over chunky knits, when it's so cold outside you need to wear layers of warm, wearing only a warm coat won't work, so they really need to be wearable over chunky knits too and not making you look like you're walking wrapped in bubble wrap ready to explode lol

If you follow my instagram @styletraces - here - you might know that I've been waiting for my cold to go away, Rudolph nose, having my speech taken from coughing all the time... well, now I'm much better, uff, making a week now, since it started lol 
...and, I'm so happy to feel better, stayed some days working from home cause sometimes there's no layer game that could save you from the Dublin freezing winds when you're already cold sick! But, while out, you could find me wearing all warm layers, no cold allowed in :)

During my Rudolph days, I still went out for some shots, that's why my kind "sick" face from the cold on these shots lol

This time, opposite of what I usually do, I'm sharing with you the most recent look I have, this one it's just from yesterday, from a raining day in Dublin when I decided to go out in white cause, why not?! I love to wear white during Winter days, it brightens up the day with every step you take!

When we think white, we usually think thin and light pieces, but I'm so glad that we can actually find very warm pieces to style up our Winter Whites!

check some of my favourite finds below:

pair it with brownish colours, beiges, ecru tones, tan for a warmer and stylish look
match it with black, for a minimal and classic Black & White look
go for colours, turn it into a more playful and happy look

you can go for a "all white everything" look and pick the colours to accessorise the look

QUICK TIP white and gold looks sooo good, and classic - try it, you'll see I'm not lying :)

Let's imagine...
- white trousers, white jumper and having some colour popping from the shirt you're wearing under the jumper, play with its colours and pick your favourite bag and shoes to pair with it.
- oversized white knit jumper over a silk coloured dress or skirt, it would even look good if you pick white ankle boots too and imagine a white wool or long faux fur coat over - the warmest bright look, right?!

I'll be sharing more tips about White on Winter on my next post, as I'll be back with more Winter White Series, hope you enjoy them too :)

For this look, I chose mixing white with my new brownie chunky jumper - that you can buy here! I think it looks so delicious and it's soooo warm!
the first layer was all bright and white, with my beloved leopard print blouse that I've been wearing non-stop (get it here) on my new white jeans (these ones here) paired with leopard boots and the jacket I just can't take off lol

I let the black in too, cause I needed to take my new super cute mini backpack for a ride (that I bought during Black Friday Sales) how cute is it?! you can find it here or in its the plain black version here.

I really loved this layered up look, hope you like it too!

and... what did you think about the tips I shared today on "How to Wear White on Winter", hope you enjoyed them :) 

I was wearing
zara toffee colour wool coat similar here
mango brown knit jumper . here
mango white straight jeans . here
& other stories animal print blouse here
zara leopard print boots . similar here
furla mini backpack favola . here
dw watch . here

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Have an amazing day!! SMILE a lot and stay warm :)

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