October 20, 2018

70s FALL

with seventies mood

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how was that week?! Any exciting plans for the weekend?! Taking some rest or party wild?!
I confess I will be doing nothing amazing lol still between some work during weekend so, any free time will be to take some rest :)

Today, I'm back with some colour in 70s mood! Sometimes is good to step out our comfort zone and take "some risks" as wearing "low waist" trousers :P cause, when you're petite, high waist will always help you to look like you have longer legs - marking the waist is always recommended!
But I did like this look, the colours, the patterns, the textures... everything made me feel like Fall, Joy Fall and I loved the feeling :)

Okay, as I needed to go for black boots - we need to keep in mind that the looks we walk with are made from our own closet and not out from the store rails lol so, we need to make it the best way paired with the clothes and accessories we have home right?!
so, black boots? I picked the "always on my looks" mini Gucci black belt and topped it with my back beret so the black boots won't be alone!
Not that I mind having a solo colour in the look, sometimes it works super if you want it to pop, like a coloured bag in a neutral coloured look, or a print scarf in a "all black everything" look but, this time, I didn't want the boots to pop that much so I smoothed the black appearance pairing them with black accessories too!
Why not a black bag?! you might ask :) because the bag is a big presence in the look and if I had chosen black for the bag I would be saying yes to a darker look, something I didn't want to as I was into colours, Fall and Joy colours :)

Now that I've decoded how I styled the accessories of this look - where the main pieces were the printed top and the cord flared trousers - I'm hoping you enjoy it!

When sharing a look with you, I feel like sharing the way I pull it off too! how I styled it and why that way!
We don't have all accessories we want in our closet - shoes, bags, belts, scarfs... - in all colours, heel heights or patterns... (at least I don't have lol) so, sometimes we imagine a look in our mind with the "right accessories" and then, we need to turn it real with the things we really have in our closet!
That's where creativity comes in, and maybe that's why I love to put looks together so much! okay, okay! sometimes it can be a struggle, when you can't find what you want to wear in your closet or, nothings fits or suits you loool but I confess, most days I do enjoy the challenge of dressing with what's in my closet :)

Hope you enjoyed today's outfit and how I decoded it :)
Who does the same tricks with the accessories when picking them? what's the main colour in your closet for your accessories? share it with me, would love to know :)

I was wearing
hm william morris polo-neck top . here
zara cord flared trousers . similar here
furla metropolis mini bag here
zara black heel boots similar here
benetton black beret similar here
gucci black leather belt here
dw watch . here

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Have an AMAZING day and super weekend!! have FUN!! be HAPPY!!

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