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July 13, 2018


with  hot colours for hot days

photos by  Remi - here
@all_about_portraits on instagram

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Hello again, 
Hope you’re doing super since the last time "we’ve talked" :)
Well, a lot happened on this side, and the heatwave that hit Dublin seems that is now slowly fading away - and I thought I would be wearing all my new crop tops and sandals around the city as I didn’t got the chance to enjoy them on my getaway to Portugal last week.

I went south, to spend a few days in Algarve, enjoying the Portuguese sunny weather and beautiful beaches but, I got hit with another pain crisis from my Crohn's Disease and instead of going to the beach and relax, I ended up in the hospital after days struggling with pain no eating or drinking... 
This kind of episodes really tear me apart, inside out, I lost weight, lost muscle - that was so focused on building, fighting the breakdown I’ve been through for over a year, started working out again, back to CrossFit and boxing... now, need to go baby steps and start all over again... I get really sad and scared about all this, from being so close to disease limitations and feeling stopped when my will is to move! 

There are way worst diseases and life situations than mine but, even other situations being worst doesn't mean we don't struggle with ours, right... we can get inspired by other's strength, how they become successful warriors but never, let that make us feel less or weak - still learning that part, feeling "okay" with how I am right now, with what I can right now and stop blaming myself for not being this or that, be here or there! for not being better!

You can live a "normal life" with this disease but I confess that sometimes, when it decides to mess with you it really knocks you out! Just imagine, messing with what you eat, with your sleep, make you spend hours in the toilet when you need to get ready to work... suddenly all your choices are made around your gut and its will... I confess it really sucks! and sometimes I do get really sad and tired of this situation but I'm promising myself I will find the strength to learn how to live a better life even with all these small obstacles.

I really didn't want to make this, another post about my disease and be moaning all the time, but seems I'm still too emotional after last week, I'm sorry!
I can't avoid sharing how I feel right now, when I know that I always feel better when there's someone on the other side that gets my pain, my struggle, cause only when you cross these paths you know how they feel to be walked by, so, if you're going through something similar and feel like talking I'm here, if you don't like to talk just want to tell you, you're not alone! there's a lot of people in this kind of situation - "diseases that can't be seen", but it doesn't mean you don't need care or help. You're strong and you will find a way to live this life without having the disease as a daily burden! Sending lots of love and positive energy your way <3
Back to my hot colours look...
after the pink crush I had back in May, if you follow my instagram - here, you know what I'm talking about, I'm now having a crush on warm shades :)
A few months ago I would never think of orange as a colour to wear specially on trousers, wide leg trousers and flats for a petite person! But, I'm happy to feel good on colours again, on happy and hot colours, it's true that the sun helps a lot with that :)
I broke some rules but I did enjoy this look, hope you like it too!

I was wearing
emu australia dion tan sandals . here

Remi's straw hat . similar here
topshop crop top . similar here
zara wide orange trousers . similar here
tous tan mini bag . similar here
gucci sunglasses . here
dw watch . here

 click the images below and shop my look

Have an AMAZING Weekend and Always remember to love yourself, take some time to relax and ENJOY LIFE!
Tenham um fim-de-semana FANTÁSTICO e Lembrem-se sempre de tirar algum tempo para relaxar e GOZAR A VIDA! 

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