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April 23, 2018


Morning Beauty!!
with my beauty products spread all over

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Happy Monday!! 
The Sun is finally out and I bet I'm not the only one facing a mood boost :)
I'm still desperate for holidays, in the Sun, beach walks and salty hair... but for now, I'm happy to see the Sun shining again!! Here in Ireland it's even more precious!

Today I'm back with beauty! If you follow my instagram @styletraces - here, you already know that a Sunday ago I took some time to take care of my beauty corner.  
This was actually the real situation, the moment I brought all the stuff to my wide desk, spread, so I can see all the products together and better organise them.

You can spot here my daily favourites, from skincare to make up, with brands I already told you about as ALLÉL and SISLEY PARIS. So, let me share with you how I use them everyday.


cleanser - morning and night time
using between the ALLÉL and the Sisley Paris Lyslait Cleansing Milk
toner - morning and night time
I use the Floral Tonic Lotion from Sisley Paris
serum - morning and night time
using the ALLÉL and Skin Ceuticals Phloretin CF
moisturiser - morning and night time
using the ALLÉL DNA tailored face cream
eye cream
ALLÉL Genial Eye cream
sun cream
lip balm
usually neutrogena during the day and carmex bed time 

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my top favourite, the phyto-cerne éclat under-eye concealer from Sisley Paris
addicted to the Sisley Paris Instant Éclat glow primer
lately been using the Phyto-Touche sun glows powder and the Palette Orchidée Highlighter blush rose, both from Sisley Paris
brows brush
still need to practice with the brow pencil, but I use the brow gel and brush all the time! loving the phyto-sourcils from Sisley Paris
loving the one from eyeko
lip pencil
love the ones from sisley paris, got the new one and the rose passion.
lip gloss / lip pen
(it needs to be really easy and practical so I would be able to use them daily, that's why I'm an huge fan of the sisley phyto-lip twist!)
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I don't use foundation everyday, but my favourite one is the Sisleya Le Teint anti-aging foundation from Sisley Paris - here.

the fact is I don't even wear make-up everyday - if I don't need to go into the city I just don't make up - although I confess, here in Dublin, I feel like an alien when walking outside without make-up! for those knowing me for a loooong time, know that I love wearing make-up, love to feel pretty and feminine but I do love even more when I'm able to walk without make-up and feeling good the same, I'm a natural lover and I really feel free if I don't feel that I need to put something on to be able to walk among people without scaring them lool from my huge dark purple circles, tired eyes, and pale skin I look more like a zombie than a cute panda, as I so wish to :) 
Who understands my struggle, and who feels the same way about make-up?

Hope you enjoyed this post and all the products, you can find more about my beauty products and my experience with them in the next links:
about ALLÉL DNA tailored skincare - HERE
about Sisley Paris skincare and make up - HERE

Let me know if you have a similar beauty routine and what are your favourite brands and products! If you have any beauty tips to treat dark circles, please share them with me :)

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Comment below or text me on @styletraces instagram, here!

Wishing you an amazing day, a fantastic new week, remember... SMILE, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!!


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