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September 28, 2017


from Porto summer diaries
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Hello everyone!!
How are you doing!? It’s Thursday, Friday’s eve, so we are allowed to celebrate, right?!
After coming back from my Milan Fashion Week getaway - check it on my Instagram HERE - today was my first day out!! Now you ask, out from where?! Out how?!

Out from home!! I was able to come out from home, and then you realise one of the good things of having a nomad office and being able to work from home, when a disease like Crohn weakens you, you still have the chance to get work done, from home.

I didn’t had any pain crisis this time, that put me into bed so, good news! But there were days I wasn’t able to eat without throwing out and even trying to drink water it was too heavy for me... so, imagine yourself during one week having entire days without being able to get anything in your body, I feel like I’m almost fainting all the time!! And it makes me sloooowww, oh my! Sometimes I stumble into my own words and thoughts 🙈
I’m still recovering, still feeling weak, but today I was able to go out and the sun was shining and even looking like a ghost and stepping weak it made me so happy!!
I really look like a panda these past days, lack of sleep and eat, believe me it's not good for your health, body or mind!

I was introduced to the Crohn’s disease 10 years ago I guess, and to the IBS 5 years before that! Do you believe that only now, since I’ve moved to live abroad I’m having the worst symptoms, experiences of them, I think that’s a mix of getting older and the way I’m dealing with my life!

It’s really important to have a quiet life, good and healthy meal routine, learn to find happiness and be surrounded by good energy people!! We know that sometimes, when you had left your country being a grown up to build a life from scratch it can mess up with all your system... the one thing I regret from living abroad is not have done it ages before!! Are you living abroad too? For how long and how are you dealing with it, I'm looking to write a post sharing with you my point of view of living abroad, comment below and let me know if there's something in particular you would love to know from me :)

Well! once I've promised not to write about my disease but, if I can find strength in others people experience with auto imune diseases I should be the first sharing and giving motivation to someone that might be needing on that side! sometimes is hard to ask for help or share what we are feeling, I find reading some supportive and encouraging words from others experience, really helpful and with a magical impact in the way you believe in yourself and move forward! 
if there's something you want to know from my experience let me know, and if there's something you think it could be helpful with mine, you're more than welcome to share it ❤

NOW, I hope you enjoy another style story from my Porto Diaries, still summery and full of happiness, and with LONG hair, I think it's one of my last looks with long hair that I have to share 🙊

gucci sunnies . HERE
zara off shoulder white top . similar HERE
bershka distressed denim skirt . similar HERE
zara lace up tan sandals . similar HERE
tous jewelry tan mini bag . similar HERE
daniel wellington classic petite bondi watch with tan bracelet HERE
rybelo aurora bangle and orbit rings HERE

easy click through images below

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we all know that life can be really hard sometimes, but let's promise ourselves we will be strong and believe that we will learn to live the best of it!!

always remember to SMILE and feel HAPPY!! 


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