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August 11, 2017


getting ready for the weekend
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Hope you all had a lovely week and have everything set and ready for the weekend :)
Ok, ok I confess that even having the Bank Holiday on Monday I'm completely wrecked, cause actually I didn't stop much and since I'm back, this was one of the busiest weeks!! Glad I made it and I'm hoping to handle the best way the next weeks coming!

You know, trying to remember all those things we always need to keep in mind... try not to stress with small things, don't give much importance to what hasn't, surround yourself with good people and if you really need to be close to - let's just say - less good people, try to focus only in the good they have and don't let the rest affect you!

Well, well mind tricks apart, there's something new that I've got that I want to show you!! The new CULT GAIA Basket Bag!! I'm so excited to have and I'm sooo in love!! It's so cute!!

Since I was a little kid that I have a crush for basket bags - ask my parents!! or maybe don't they probably will not be glad to remember lol during our summer holidays, every craft store we walked by with basket bags, the little me always wanted a new one for her collection, probably my mom's fault she had a big one and I loved it, and the mini versions are always so much cute that was impossible not to want them! As you can see, my love for bag and mini bags comes from a long, long time ago :)

When I start seeing big brands starting to do basket bags and seeing new brands coming with new ideas I was so happy and delighted! About this ARK one from Cult Gaia, it easily became an iconic bag and now I'm so happy to have it on my collection! Who's crazy for bags too? and who's in love with basket bags and this one? which size or form of basket bag is your favourite, comment below please :) You know that I love the mini ones but there are some big ones I can resist too, so would love to know which one is yours!
cult gaia ark basket bag . HERE
bershka denim skirt . similar HERE
topshop sunnies . HERE
porter magazine . HERE 

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Hoping for my summer moments to enjoy this cutie the most!

wishing you an AMAZING FRIDAY!! and a super lovely WEEKEND!! be HAPPY!!


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