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August 07, 2017


All Black saying Hi to another Monday!!
( hit the "read more" button to see a whole NEW Irish summer look )

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Hello everyone,
how was your weekend! Hope you have enjoyed it the best and, for all the people around Ireland hope you all have a sweet Bank Holiday :)
Well, by the pictures you can easily guess that we - luckily - missed the heat wave that is hitting Europe... actually, during August in Ireland it easily feels like Fall time, for someone that grew up used to know August as one of the hottest months of the year, the month with the highest Summer temperatures... walking around in all black, jacket and boots is kind of weird I can say... it kind of tricks my mind wearing Autumn clothes during what I was used to see as hot Summer time! I take it as new challenges, moving to a new home where there is no Summer, at least as the one I used to know :P
I confess that by now, when the sun shines warm and bright here in Dublin, and the temperatures go high as 20 degrees, I can feel like it's really summer so I'm hoping for more of those Spring Summer Sunny days so I can go out in more called Summer looks ;)
Above all the Fall and Summer issues I liked to walk like this, hope you enjoy this look too!

mango black leather biker jacket . similar HERE
river island grey t-shirt HERE
topshop black jeans HERE
anya hindmarch smiley bag HERE
dorothy perkins black boots . similar HERE
daniel wellington classic petite silver watch HERE
& other stories golden cuff . HERE
ophelia golden necklaces . similar HERE and HERE
chupi "we are twice as strong together" ring . HERE
meljewel and lia gonçalves silver rings HERE and HERE

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easy click through images below

Sending all magic vibes your way!! be HAPPY !!

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