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July 27, 2017


Hiya!! so good to be back!!
celebrating throwback thursday in bright white over shadows

easy click through images below

Hello again :)
Happy to be back to you, feeling in heaven with all the love you sent me! Million thanks for all your sweet messages, comments, for showing that you care... I'm so proud to have you on that side!

Hope you are having a super week, I'm still stepping one day at time, baby steps and feeling happy for each day I get up and I'm able to go to the gym, workout and feel a little better, a little bit stronger a little more me!

Now you might be wondering "how can a sick person, someone that sometimes is not able to move, go to the gym, and workout... with weights!!" - something you already saw on my Instagram stories @styletraces - HERE.
So, I will tell you :) workout for me was always a way to feel healthier and to be healthier, to put away my illness and feeling stronger to live... so, when I can move, I go to the gym, workout my body and sweat away all the bad things from mind and body!
When I was too sick, healing from a ulcer, I was not able to workout with weights so I workout all body weight exercises and that definitely helped me to believe I could be cured. When you exercise having in mind the precautions you need to have, workout is always a good thing, whatever your favourite way of workout is :) don't be afraid to do it, sometimes you are just a workout away from feeling better and feeling good!

Let me know if you like to workout away all the less good things from your body and mind too, and which one is your favourite :) would love to hear from you!

Back to today's outfit and sunny days in Ireland, a throwback to May with one of my favourite tops right now! Isn't it lovely, white crochet, cropped and so summery! about the mix, white on denim for me it will always be a win - hope you like it too :)
chicwish crochet cropped top in white . HERE
oasis fashion straight leg jeans . similar HERE
tous jewelry obrain bag . similar HERE
daniel wellington classic petite watch . HERE
dorothy perkins white trainers with pink ruffles . HERE
aiaimatilde silver bracelet . HERE
topshop sunnies . HERE
meljewel & lia gonçalves silver rings . HERE and HERE

easy click through images below

STAY STRONG, and keep moving forward to your happy self!

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