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April 13, 2017


with some sweet beauty treat
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Hey, how are you?!
All ready for the long weekend! Easter Weekend, all about chocolate, cute bunnies and sweets, who's ready? Heading away, flying for the long weekend escape or staying home with family?
Well, I will not be flying away for this Easter weekend and I will not be home for my family but, I'm hoping to relax a bit, I'm so anxious on what the new week could bring me, that I just want to relax and recharge this weekend :)
You already know how I love flat lays, how I love to get inspired from them and how I love to spend my time creating them, sometimes is such a challenge to start with a little small element as a lipstick and then ending up with a frame full of products, favourites, like here. 
You can always get #flatlay updated from my instagram@styletraces - HERE although you can notice a little bit of my absence, my lack of posts here or on my social media but it's not because I love you less, I still love you loads and, with no doubt, blogging and sharing that's my thing but well, I prefer to fix myself first and come back to you fully charged and with lots of good energy to share, you agree right? And I promise, I will be here, so don't go far! I'm still counting on you on that side! Your support is more than precious to me, it works like magic.

Now, I will let you enjoy this flat lay that I loved so much doing, I think it's so so yummy and cute! ENJOY :)

DANIEL WELLINGTON sterling classic petite 32mm HERE
ANYA HINDMARCH smiley cross body bag . HERE
SISLEY PARIS phyto-lip twist tinted lip balm . HERE
LIA GONÇALVES land silver rings . HERE
MEL JEWEL two pearl silver ring . HERE
SOCIAL AND PERSONAL april's issue with make up artist Charlotte Tilbury as editor

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Wishing you an amazing long weekend!! SWEET, DELICIOUS, full of FUN & JOY!! by HAPPY!!
Desejo-vos um fim de semana fantásticos!! DOCE, DELICIOSO, cheio de DIVERSÃO & ALEGRIA!! sejam FELIZES!!


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